Republic Of Dutloria

Republic Of Dutloria Flag Of Glorous Dutloria Flag Of Glorous Dutloria

Motto: Pax aeternum


Article 1: Government

Section 1: The President is the head of the country.

Section 2: In place of President's death, President's second hand(selected by a President) is to take President's seat for a maximum of 5 months.

Section 3: The executive branch is to remain elected by the citizens of Dutloria

Section 4: In case of an emergency, the President continues to rule the country.

Section 5: The President shall not act alone.

Section 6: The President shall be elected every 4 years.

Section 7: President's second hand shall act fast when there is war, political instability, economic turmoil.

Section 8: President's second hand has the right to control all the ministries and agencies.

Section 9:
The following ministries exist:
International and Diplomacy affairs
Tax authority
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Health

Article 2: Rights

Section 1: Every citizen has the right to be given medical health care, education. Citizens have the right of free speech, to gather in groups, to be attending/making non-violent protests.

Section 2: Every citizen is equal, no matter what race, religion, gender, economic group, part of society, is to be treated better than other.